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Mi Escuela
Mobile App for Schools

Our mobile app connects schools with parents and students. It allows schools to send messages to parents and students, while providing access to the school calendar, assignments and grades. Meanwhile parents can use it to request an appointment, access the school directory and find the school location on a map.

Payments Service for Schools
Web Portal

We offer a service for processing school payments, including late fees. Now parents can make payments from home, work or anywhere they want. In addition, it provides schools with valuable information regarding overdue payments, school income and more.

Our Services

Cisco Contact Center, Web, Cloud and Mobile Solutions

Cisco IVR Scripting

Development of custom Cisco IVR scripts. More than 10 years of experience developing IVR scripts for financial institutions, utility, insurance and telecommunications companies. Around 10 million calls are serviced with our custom IVR scripts every year.

Advanced IVR Architecture
For Cisco and Avaya

Advanced IVR Architecture where most of the IVR programming resides on external Application Servers. Now changes in programming don't have an impact on Contact Center availability. Ensures a robust and continuous Contact Center operation.

Solutions for Call Centers

We provide various solutions to support call center operations, like integration of web forms and IVR scripts with Cisco Agent Desktop and Finesse. Ask us about our Custom Web Forms solution for Contact Centers.

Send SMS

Service for sending SMS (text messages) to customers. Easy to integrate with other solutions with a Send SMS API or an Email-to-SMS service.

Payment Processing Integration

We have experience integrating payment systems with IVR scripts to process credit card, debit cards and ACH transactions. Customers can pay bills or buy products and services using your IVR.

Web, Cloud and Mobile Solutions

We have experience in the development of Web, Cloud and Mobile solutions, including integration with various applications and systems.

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Delivering Services & Solutions for Our Clients and Our Partners

Utility Company
Puerto Rico

Integrated new Send SMS Service, so the company could send text messages to customers using our Email-to-SMS service. Sending around 150,000 SMS per month.

Financial Institution
Dominican Republic

Development of Customer Service IVR script. Customers can check account balances, execute transfers, make payments or contact a customer service representative.

Financial Institution
Dominican Republic

Easy to use Web Portal where the institution can create their own custom web forms to be used by their contact center agents. Now agents can select the corresponding form and fill the information while talking to a customer.

Cable Company
Puerto Rico

Development of Web Services for Integration with Customer Service Mainframe Application.

Insurance Company
Puerto Rico

Mobile Application that allows customers to report a claim, verify policy information and contact customer service, among other features.

Technology Company
Puerto Rico

Cloud and Mobile applications to support a Time and Attendance solution, which allows employees to clock-in and clock-out over the phone or using a mobile applicaction.

Our Experts

Meet our experts with many years of experience in the IT industry

Nelson Mejias

President and Founder

More than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Has succesfully deployed numerous corporate solutions using a wide range of technologies. Strong knowledge in Cisco Contact Center Scripting, Web Development, Web Services, Databases and Mobile Applications.

Nilmarie Santos

General Manager

Engineer with doctorate degree and wide range of experience in the industry and academia. Several years of experience in sales and management of technology companies.

Omar Ortiz

Senior Software Engineer

More than 12 years of experience in software development working as a software engineer for companies like Digital, Compaq and HP. Expertise in Unix, System Management and Mobile Development.

Francisco Mejias

Sales Executive

More than 10 years of experience working in the insurance and entertainment industry for companies like Paine Webber, UBS and Caribbean Cinemas.

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